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Meet Dr. Christopher Maino

Dr Christopher Maino graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and has been a dentist for going on 20 years now. During most of his career he practiced in the Detroit, MI  area working with a number of dentists in a fairly large dental practice.  His biggest interests in dentistry are helping patients keep their natural teeth as long as possible, giving them affordable options, keeping things pain free, and helping them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

Dr Chris Maino - Charlotte Dentist

His patients in Michigan really appreciated his approach to their care, which was to treat them just like family, and he’s excited to offer the same level of attention and care to his patients here at Gentle Family Dentistry.

Here are 5 quirky facts about Dr Maino:

1) He played hockey for the first time in dental school with a few of his classmates at Yost ice arena drop-in hockey and he ended up skating against Aaron Ward, who went on to play in the NHL.

2) He built a 1972 Dodge Challenger race car in high school that he raced at a 1/4 mile race track.

3) His great uncle, William Dufty, was married to the Hollywood actress Gloria Swanson. They lived at 920 5th avenue on the upper east side of Manhattan and hung out with the likes of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He also wrote a book about how bad sugar is for you called Sugar Blues.

4) Another great uncle of his, also named Chris Maino, was a fighter pilot in WWII. His aircraft carrier, the St. Lo., was sunk by a kamikaze pilot in the middle of the pacific and he and his surviving crew members floated in the Pacific ocean for hours awaiting rescue.

5) His grandfather Linus Maino MD was a family practice physician in Detroit and he treated several patients in medicine that our Dr Maino ended up treating as their dentist some over 50 years later by total coincidence. He once treated an 85 year old irish woman who told him that his grandfather delivered the first 5 of her 8 children.

Dr Chris Maino
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